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Jawad Sarwana

Jawad Sarwana

Master Mediator & Negotiator

Jawad is a practicing Supreme Court Advocate, a Partner of Pakistani law firm and a CEDR, UK accredited Commercial and Investor-State mediator.


Jawad’s mediation experience since 2007 till present covers mediating commercial and corporate disputes in Pakistan, including, inter alia, family-run business disputes, intellectual property disputes (trademarks), international trade (textile sector); financial facilities (credit lines involving small-medium enterprises) and shareholder disputes. 


As one of the founding members of Pakistan Mediators Association PMA, Jawad has helped conduct mediation workshops and accreditation courses for well over 2,000 professionals in Pakistan and abroad (including Accountants, Architects, Bankers, Engineers, Health Professionals, Law Enforcement Officers, Judges, Lawyers, etc.) and has worked with the Provincial Governments of Sindh and Punjab; the Federal and Provincial Judicial Academies; the High Courts of Sindh, Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa; the Bar Associations and Statutory Regulators, such as, the Ombudsman Office, the SECP and the Citizens Police Liaison Committees, on mediation awareness raising and capacity building projects.


Jawad joined the CEDR Faculty in 2008. He has worked alongside CEDR on their global capacity building programs with the World Bank/IFC; the Aga Khan Foundation Global Project and the International Rescue Committee (“IRC”) having delivered mediation, conflict management and negotiation trainings around the world. As an International Trainer and Facilitator he has developed, designed and delivered ADR and Business Management Trainings, Seminars and Workshops for the International Chamber of Commerce (“ICC”), Paris and Shanghai; the Shanghai University of Political Science and Law, China;  the IRC, USA; and the IBA-VIAC CDRC, Austria.


Jawad has co-authored academic publications, including chapters in Stories Global Mediators Tell, “It really happened in Frankfurt”, editors, Glen Parker and Lela Love, American Bar Association (2017); Mediation Practice | 8 Cultures, 16 Cases, 128 Creative Solutions; editor, Greg Bond, ICC Publication (2016); and “Making the First Offer: Pros and Cons" IBA Mediation Technique Handbook, editor, Patricia Barclay, Co-Chair, , published in the IBA’s E-Book, Mediation Techniques (2010).


Jawad co-founded the IBA-VIAC CDRC Mediation and Negotiation Competition, Vienna, Austria in 2015 and co-authored the mediation problem in its inaugural year transforming the VIS Arbitration Moot Problem into a mediation case including its confidentials. In 2018, his mediation role-play “Kohinoor” won the First Prize at the ICC International Mediation Competition, in Paris, France. He has judged several ICC International Mediation Competitions since 2013, including the Finals in 2018 and the Semi-Finals in 2019.

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