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Modern Structure


Our Mediators are Neutral Expert Facilitators that will help you reach an amicable resolution

Decision-making is the role of the parties, not the Mediator

Role of The Mediator

Assisting the aggrieved or disputing parties to identify issues

Facilitating communication between the parties

Focusing the parties on their interests;

Maximizing the exploration of alternatives;

Helping the disputing parties reach voluntary agreements

Promoting and sustaining of good faith relationships between the parties

Our Ethics

Our Mediations are Neutral

Our Mediations are Confidential

Our Mediations are Voluntary

Our Mediations are Competent

Our Mediations are about You

ADRi does not charge a referral fee

ADRi has a fixed fee structure

ADRi is build to promote Mediation and ADR

Our Process

You can pick your Mediator or We will help you do so


You will schedule the date and time you want


You will share details about your dispute


We will confirm with the Mediator and contact the other party


We will arrange the necessary Videoconferencing links for ODR


We will arrange the venue for Physical Mediation


All parties will sign a Mediation Agreement with the Mediator and ADRi


We will  facilitate your Mediation process to its conclusion


We will witness your Mediation Settlement


We will be by your side throughout this process


Your Mediation starts here

You can pick your Mediator from our Roster below

Or we can help you find your Mediator

This Roster has been created with the support of The Asia Foundation


For Pro Bono Mediations, we will be launching our Mediation Clinic soon

Mediation Clinic

Meet Our Foundation Mediators

Trained by The Mediation Institute
Certified by The ADR Initiative

The core of The ADR Initiative is our outstanding roster of Mediators, who are determined to help you succeed. We’re dedicated to providing tailored support and guidance to each of our participants

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