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Dr. Alexandra Ivanovitch

Alexandra Ivanovitch, PhD is an award-winning creative technologist who produces high-impact virtual reality (VR) applications for local and national governments with a focus on healthcare, education, and peace-building.

Dr. Ivanovitch pioneered a VR program to fulfill seniors’ wishes through immersive technology in Miami in 2019. Her VR work for Healthy Longevity received an innovation award from the US National Academy of Medicine in 2020.
Her organization, EQLab, worked for the National Unemployment Office of France and Miami-Dade County Public Schools to produce a VR Career Simulator which empowers students and job seekers to test-drive different professional futures. Through this platform, users can teleport to various work environments in 3D, immerse themselves in the daily workflows of real-world professionals and virtually embody 3D avatars of counter-stereotypical figures of success.
In 2021, EQLab developed a VR peace-building platform for the United States Institute of Peace to facilitate interfaith dialogue through shared virtual pilgrimage experiences. Dr. Ivanovitch is currently preparing for the 2022 launch of EQLab’s 3D school where students will do science on Mars and explore history through virtual time-travel.

Alumna of the École Normale Supérieure (Ulm) in Paris, former research fellow in Digital Humanities at the Paris-Sorbonne University, where she used to teach at all undergraduate levels, Dr. Ivanovitch is dedicated to delivering science-backed and scalable social impact through immersive technology.

Dr. Ivanovitch’s work in VR has been covered by Forbes, WIRED, CNN, the Nikkei, and has received global media coverage in 32 countries on 5 continents. She was invited as a speaker at the World Expo 2020 in Dubai to share her insights about the impact and challenges of technology for the next 50 years to come. Her first ventures in the field of conscious VR were sponsored by the creators of Star Trek to help materialize a hopeful and inspiring future of peaceful exploration.

For more information, please visit: www.alexandra-ivanovitch.com and www.eqlab.global.

Dr. Alexandra  Ivanovitch