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Nicola Crowther

Nicola Crowther

Master Mediator & Negotiator [UK & UAE]

Following a career in law, spanning ten years, I turned to mediation in 2010 and established Crowther Mediation in 2014.  Crowther Mediation is now the largest independent mediation practice in the North of England, providing mediation in civil, commercial, family and work place disputes and the only UK licensed mediation practice operating in Dubai.

Crowther Mediation also provides mediation training to individuals, universities and companies on an international basis. Our Civil Mediation and Workplace Mediation training courses have received the highest standard of accreditation from the Civil Mediation Council UK and the International Mediation Institute.

I first trained and qualified as a family mediator with Family Mediation Association in 2010.  I am an accredited member of the Family Mediation Association and Family Mediation Council. I have also been an elected board member of the Family Mediation Association, responsible for reporting to the Ministry of Justice and the Legal Aid Agency on the issues facing family mediators and shaping the future of mediation the UK.


I am a Professional Practice Consultant responsible for the training and supervision of other family mediators and I am qualified to consult directly with children during the mediation process.


I trained and qualified as a Civil Mediator with ADR group in 2016 and became accredited with the Civil Mediation Council.  My expertise in my chosen fields have been recognized on a more global scale and as such I am approved by the EU and the Greek Bar Council to carry out both civil and family mediation training in the EU.  I am also a member of the Singapore International Mediation Institute (SIMI).

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