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Ece Dayioglu

Ece Dayioglu

Master Arbitrator & Negotiator [Turkey & France]

Maître Ece DAYIOGLU specializes in ADR and practises as conflict management consultant, mediator, arbitrator and negotiator. She has attended to more than 100 mediation sessions in one month as party counsel and has obtained favourable results for her Clients. She is known to be a proficient and distinguised negotiator. She has acted as party counsel in international commercial and investment arbitration cases including but not limited to those involving States and State Entities. She is former intern of the ICC International Court of Arbitration Middle East and North Africa Case Management Team and the Special Counsel and this ICC internship showed her the other side of the coin.


She has chosen to first establish herself as an ADR lawyer with strong academic background. In this pursuit, she has obtained an LLM degree with Merit in International Dispute Resolution and Economic Law at Queen Mary University of London and a Master II degree with international law award in Arbitrage et Droit du Commerce International (Arbitration and International Commercial Law) at Université Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne. She has an LLM Thesis on “The Enforceability of Arbitral Awards in International Arbitration Involving States and State-Owned Entities: How to Be Ensured by the Arbitral Tribunal and to Be Resisted by the Sovereigns?”, an LLM Essay on“As a Complication: How to Negotiate with a Competitive Negotiator” and an ICC Report of the Internship done at the International Court of Arbitration of the International Chamber of Commerce under the direction of the Special Counsel which bears the ICC stamp.


She has also obtained the ICC Annual Summer Course on International Commercial Arbitration certificate. Her report has been published on the ArbitralWomen Newsletter. She also obtained the Equal Access to Information & Justice Online Dispute Resolution-ODR 2017 certificate by the ICC. She also holds certifcates in Competition Law in Energy Sector, IP Law, E- Commerce, WIPO Arbitration by WIPO and International Sales Law-CISG. She is among Paris Baby Arbitration Biberon contributors. Whereas she has always given much importance to the field experience, she acted as volunteer at the 2017 ICC Vis Pre-Moot for Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot Competition, as arbitrator (twice) at the Young ISTAC Future Arbitration Counsel Competition organized by the Istanbul Arbitration Centre (ISTAC), as judge at the 2018 INADR Istanbul Mediation Tournament organized at Istanbul Sehir University.


Maître Ece DAYIOGLU is the CEO of DAYIOGLU LAW FIRM founded over than hundred years ago which has made commitment to ADR effectively in a progressive way through its ADR Centre in Istanbul and opened its doors to the European Union through its Paris Office. She, admitted to the Paris and Istanbul Bar, is an international legal practitioner accredited by the French Consulate in Istanbul. She has earned sworn translatorship before Turkish Authorities, (holds C1 certificate in French language and IELTS in English language). Therefore, her language skills are at the level of a sworn translator in Turkish (native language), in English and in French. During her postgraduate studies, she acted as Independent Translator/Interpreter in arbitral proceedings to be able to experience every side of ADR.

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