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Claudia Caluori

Claudia Caluori

Master Mediator & Negotiator [Italy]

Claudia is an Italian qualified lawyer and mediator, who practices law at the international level since 2010, focusing on the international business development, trade, and legal business strategies.


She collaborates with the international law firm Eptalex, as legal counsel and marketing and communication manager, supporting industrial and commercial companies with the implementation of business partnerships in Europe, Lebanon, the UAE, and Singapore.


She also completed the first ADR-ODR International's Executive Negotiation & Conflict Management course in 2017, where she met one of our founders, Akbar.


Mediation and ADR Believer. She understands the great difference that active listening and honest communication do in the resolution of disputes, especially in international cases.


Strongly dedicated to the management and resolution of conflicts, Claudia is trained and accredited as a mediator in Italy, France, and Lebanon and a member of the international faculty of ADR-ODR International Ltd. IMI Certified Mediator and SIMI Accredited. She is also a Rotary Peace Fellow Alumna of the Peace Center at Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok, Thailand.


Claudia is, in addition, a lecturer involved in the organization of conferences (like the CILS International Mediation Symposium) and seminars about mediation, conflict resolution, and legal aspects of international business development.


Passionate for travels, motoribikes, and live music. Fluent in Italian, English, and French.

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