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This 3-day intensive course will be delivered in partnership with the European Institute for Conflict Resolution (EICR). This course is aimed at people from all backgrounds and professions. We believe that strong negotiation skills can help people in all industries resolve conflicts in their workplace, in their home and in their personal life. The ability to negotiate can change how you perceive conflict; how you deal with it and can help you resolve the conflicts which arise across all areas of your life.

Course Aims

The 3-day Executive Negotiation and Conflict Management Skills Course aims to:
• give you a basic understanding of how conflicts arise;
• give you an introduction to conflict resolution; and
• enable you to critically analyse the use of conflict resolution methods and approaches;
• equip you with the basic skills needed to negotiate your way through a conflict;
• help you to understand the principles behind negotiation;
• help you to understand the cross-cultural issues that can occur during negotiations;
• help you familiarise yourself with e-negotiations.
• help you to understand your own negotiation style (and other negotiation styles.)


Topics Covered:
An introduction to Negotiation
Negotiation Skills
Conflict resolution
Breakfast meeting and personalised feedback
Optional dessert safari