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Syed Akbar Hussain

Master Negotiator

Akbar's journey in Negotiation began long before his practice of law as he explored his entrepreneurial ambitions.

Yet it was when he completed ADR-ODR International's Executive Negotiation & Conflict Management course with Rahim Shamji and Zoe Giannopoulou that Akbar discovered the depth of Negotiation and its use to dispel conflict.

Akbar has guided his clients in the Aviation industry in their negotiations with Boeing, Airbus and various other international companies to focus on not just winning but to reaching a solution that allows for sustainability of their goals. He has further helped his clients in the real estate business and corporate world to realize their objectives in the scenarios present before them.

Akbar has been using his knowledge to educate his students through conflict resolution from a perspective that he hopes allows them to propel their hopes to reach their dreams.

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