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Usman Ashraf

Managing Director, Hardees Pakistan

Director, Super Asia Group, Whirlpool Pakistan & Mall of Gujranwala

Usman Ashraf is currently operating 17 restaurants. He holds a Masters degree in International Business from UK . Where pursuing a career and making it to the top was his passion he left no stone unturned in making it happen.

With a degree from Harvard in international business and global economic systems he is a perfect combination of a business man with vision. After signing the Hardee’s agreement in 2008 he went to Dubai for a three month long intensive training conducted by Hardee’s international. After a ten year long experience in the food industry and successfully opening 17 restaurants ,he loves to mentor young enterpreneurs who aspire to pursue a career in the food industry .

He is part of a non-profit organisation Seed Out which helps to elevate poverty through interest free financing He is also the Director of Super Asia Group, Whirlpool Pakistan and Mall of Gujranwala.

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