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Mohsin Ahmed

CEO, Pakistan Microfinance Network

Mr. Mohsin Ahmed is a qualified Management Accountant, he has attended Executive courses from Harvard Business School and London School of economics, a financial risk management course from the Citi Foundation and Women World Banking, and a diploma from the Microfinance training programme, Colorado. Blooming with two decades of experience in the industry, he is the CEO of Pakistan Microfinance Network and under his leadership, the management team has developed a diversified revenue model to conduce to PMN’s long term viability and growth.

Mr. Ahmed sits scores of committees and represents the industry at various global and national forums and is tasked with the implementation of National Financial Inclusion Strategy, such as the Agriculture credit advisory committee and Agriculture credit advisory of SBP. He presently serves as the honorary CEO of South Asia Micro-Entrepreneurs Network, previously sitting as the chairman of the BODs.

He is occupied with the Central bank for strategic development and promoting access to microfinance in Pakistan. Under the ambit of SECP, he launched a credit information bureau in the country and lately is setting up a disaster risk fund to boost digitalization of the Microfinance industry.

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