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Hashim Zulfiqar Malik

Director, Xenon Pharmaceuticals

Hashim has been running his family owned Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Company in Lahore for the past decade. Being a graduate of the University of Toronto, his dealings with the increasingly globalising regulatory framework of the pharmaceutical industry in Pakistan coupled with the export based orientation of the industry gives him a holistic perspective.

He has a diverse professional profile, not only because of his practical experience but also through the trainings he has attended in marketing and supply chain management held at various parts of the world such as London and Dubai. He is well oriented with the latest qualitative requirments by local and international regulators of the Pharmaceutical industry and has been trained in risk based cGMP audit system and benchmarking by the United States Pharmacopeial Convention (USP).

Hashim believes in robust dialogue to be the key to build consensus amongst diverging parties. He has a solution oriented approach and it is through his communicative style of dealing with conflict resolution that he is able to bring different stakeholders to acheive collective progress.

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