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Fatima Bokhari

CEO, Musawi

Fatima Yasmin Bokhari is a legal practitioner, researcher and trainer with over a decade of experience working on criminal justice reform and rule of law, specifically focusing on gender-based rights and legal empowerment of marginalized groups.

At present, Fatima leads Musawi, an independent research organization in Pakistan, which works to support government and non-government stakeholders to affect evidence-based legal and policy reforms. Fatima has been involved in leadership and advisory capacities with international and national organizations as well as federal and provincial governments in Pakistan. She has conducted trainings of diverse stakeholders, including parliamentarians, police and prosecutors on rule of law, access to justice and international and regional human rights frameworks. She is also an Executive Committee Member of the Asia Alliance Against Torture – a regional network of organizations working to end impunity against torture in Asia.

Prior to joining Musawi, Fatima was based with the Open Society Justice Initiative, Open Society Foundations, in Budapest and New York, where she worked on strategic litigation in the national security and criminal justice context in select jurisdictions in Europe and Asia. She has also served as a visiting law professor for Criminal Law as well as Jurisprudence & Legal Theory at a private law school in Lahore, Pakistan.

Fatima holds a Masters of Law (LL.M.) from Harvard Law School and an LL.M. in ‘Criminology and Criminal Justice' from the University of London. She has authored and contributed to various research reports, trainings manuals and papers on national and international human rights issues.

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