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Almas Ali Jovindah

Advisor (Legal), Federal Tax Ombudsman

Executive Secretary, OIC Ombudsman Association

Almas Ali Jovindah is a trailblazer, advocating Ombudsman Institutions, as a movement across the Globe. Eversince he joined Federal Tax Ombudsman Pakistan, he has made immense contributions towards the easy resolution of grievances of the general public, against the Maladministration of public functionaries. Being Executive Secretary of OICOA & FPO, he ensured collaboration among all Ombudsmen, their Capacity & Image building, within Pakistan & OIC.
Mr. Jovindah, prior to Joining FTO, was senior partner with Robust Consultants, a leading Advocacy & Lobbying Firm. He was pivotal to promote the need and enactment of Cyber Laws and is founder president of Cyber Legal Arm, the 1st exclusive Cyber Legal firm in Pakistan. He is an activist to contrive an awareness about Law, through his seminars, TV talk shows & training workshops & has carved out a niche representing clients in a disciplined & scientific manner.

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